"With currently 40 owned depots in Europe and more than 600 service partners, we have been a renowned pooling service provider within the open EUR-pool since 1993." 



PaLog Palettenlogistik-Systeme GmbH

The availability of loading equipment is an important prerequisite for a functioning supply chain. However, most load carriers are only required for a specific period. This is where PaLog applies the pallet logistics system for EPAL / EUR carriers. 

PaLog provides needed quantities and qualities at a desired location at a predetermined time, and returns no longer required pallets to one of the 40 owned depots. The account management is done via the PaLog account. 

The PaLog Pallet Logistics System successfully circumvents the need to commit capital to new purchases. The costly need to transport empty load carriers is reduced. The effort of coordinating loading equipment accounts with numerous service providers will be reduced significantly with the concentration on one contact with PaLog. Original pallet notes are recognized as account currency. 

PaLog sustainably relieves your company from the costs associated with the use of loading equipment and ensures the processes perform effectively.